''South East, South..South East", were the words you heard at Cherries nightclub, The Panorama Room or if you were Bumpin, you were relaxing in SW listening to Chuck at The R.S.V.P.

Redds & The Boys, Chicken & Mumbo sauce with a rock creek soda, as the sun sets at the Wharf while eating seafood during River Fest.....Yeah, that's the real DC.

Shrimp Boat then to the Aquatic Garden to listen to Melvin Lindsey and the Quiet Storm while the red and purple haze in the sky collided with those golden Sun rays, man ain't nothing better.

I wanna sit in that Chair, but it's just to Big, everybody remembers The Big Chair.
I also had a conversation with three people in-one while I was eating McDonalds on MLK Ave across from St. E's, it didn't bother me I just got a lesson from the street Trinty....

Mortons, Woodies, Hects and Mcbrides always kept you clean during back to school, I ain't gonna lie, Tuff skins weren't quite as nice as those AJ's with the Super Tim's.

The A2, the A4, A6, A8 downtown bound, just a pit stop to Uptown...Georgia Ave, The Blackhole, Howard U, and Caribbean food for days. Malcolm X park, Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Rd ''Donde todo diferente la cultura jugar'' (where all different cultures play).

This is my home, the place I learned to be the Man I am today, I wouldn't trade it for the world. All Quads are in me......I AM DC!

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